About Bree


My name is Bree Schindele and I am a candidate for the Lakeville School Board in District 194. Education is something that I am very passionate about. Education showcases what a person is capable of; for example, their successes, their drive, and their passion, no matter what age they are. 


Representing the Lakeville School Board, for me, would be a place to put these aspirations in children. Having a vision of how our school district should represent our community, lead our staff to the BEST they can be, and to provide the BEST education for our children is something that I will strive for. 


I will be a voice for our children, our community, and our staff in the district.

Realizing the needs of our children by keeping education in focus plays in an important part of why I am running to be a part of the school board.


My Family

Family comes first and foremost for me. My husband Nick and I have been married for 14 years and we have 4 children. 3 boys and 1 girl. They are currently enrolled in Lakeville Schools. We have lived in the Lakeville area for 8 years. We are a very busy family, running between hockey, football, golf, dance, gymnastics, and piano.

As a child, I grew up on a farm in northern Minnesota with my parents, two sisters and one brother. This is where I learned my hard work ethic, my family values and the love for education and coaching. I love to fish, hunt, have movie nights with my family, and go up to the farm. When I had the chance, I loved to volunteer in my kids’ classrooms and help chaperone. 

My Passion

After high school, at Stephen/Argyle Central, I earned a Bachelors Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Graphic Design and a coaching certificate from the University of North Dakota. I then took time to follow my love for education and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (K-6 teaching licensure) as well as a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education from Concordia University, St. Paul.


I taught in the classroom for 10 years and then found myself staying home when my fourth child was born. I then realized I still needed to work with kids in education. I opened a home daycare where I now teach full time preschool, getting my youngest learners ready for Kindergarten as well as being able to be home with my children. 

Lakeville Hockey Association

My dedication to the community has been strengthened over the last year with my role on the Lakeville Hockey Association Board. In the Communications Director position, I have been responsible for voicing consistent and frequent messages for my fellow board members, informing the community of schedules, upcoming events, policy changes, and help requests.


A lot goes into association sports and working with a team to make sure our future hockey players are getting the best experiences possible as we develop not just the hockey player, but coaching the whole child to be the best they can be with a good attitude, hard work ethic and showing that you can be successful at a young age is extremely important.

Our Community

My husband and I moved to Lakeville for the schools and the tight-knit community. I enjoy the small town feeling in a large suburb. We have so many amazing opportunities and resources for our young children to succeed.


We have the ability to teach good work ethic by showcasing all of the small businesses in Lakeville. Along with the amazing resources our schools have to offer for university stepping stones, we can also showcase the opportunities to work in the trades. 

Our Schools

Parents and teachers are a team and it’s extremely important to grow a good working relationship. This relationship helps get students to their goals as well as giving them confidence that they have support at home and at school. In the past couple of years, watching our kids learn online, wearing masks in school, keeping distance from their friends and teachers, I have noticed and heard a lot of negativities towards our school district.

My goal is to help change the negative thoughts into positive by getting back to putting kids first. Asking ourselves, what is best for kids? What is best for learning? Are they being taught the curriculum rather than being politically swayed? Are we giving our students the best environment to learn in? Realizing the needs of our children by keeping education in focus plays in an important part of why I am running to be a part of the school board.

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