Our Focus



As a teacher, providing a safe and productive classroom was a “must have” for me. In order for this to happen, having a manageable classroom size was key. Managing class sizes are extremely important to not only the teachers but for our students. Stretching the class sizes to expand beyond their means allows for more behavioral situations rather than teaching curriculum situations. Regulating class sizes is important not just to me, but to ensure the success of our school district. Lakeville has seen immense growth so allowing a constant open enrollment policy effectively decreases our tax base and increases our costs by having to provide more resources.

Having a safe and productive classroom is to provide our students with clear communication of how to behave with students and staff. Every student needs to be treated equally with the same message while being held accountable for their actions.

There are many outside influences that are changing the way education should be. There are many bumps that need to be smoothed out to get us back on track to what the focus of what education is. We need to provide our teachers and students with the best resources to effectively teach our students with less distraction from these influences so we can consistently be productive in our classrooms.



It's funny to look back on kindergarten as an adult; to see the changes that education has taken and how school districts approach education. School districts focus on numbers, test scores, standardizing learning. I realize this has to happen to a certain extent to validate and properly allocate state spending.


When I went to Kindergarten, I remember playing in the kitchen, emerged in dramatic play, and playing with puzzles and manipulatives.  Unfortunately today, play is becoming less and less. Developmentally appropriate practices are dwindling from our classrooms.  Play in Kindergarten through 3rd grade is nearly extinct. Play helps with social/emotional strength, physical strength, cognitive strength and increases imagination.


There are so many children that are dealing with mental health. Why take away something that can help? Focusing on the "whole" child is one of my goals if elected to the school board. Bringing light to areas that are dim to help understand the developmental stages of children, and not just early childhood, but all ages. 



In supporting our parents in the school district, it is important to know that having parent involvement within the school promotes healthy learning and positive behaviors in their child’s life. With all of the obstacles our children and families endured in the past two years, we need to allow our parents to get back to volunteering, chaperoning and helping our teachers.

In the education world today, teachers have a lot to endure throughout the day. They have many challenges that hinder their abilities to teach the way they want and need to teach. Teachers need to have the flexibility to teach creatively, rather than solely basing the curriculum on standardized tests or reciting 100% of their lesson plan from a text book.


Some of the best teachers or professors I’ve had in my career had a unique way of engrossing the entire class in a varied version of the material that kept everyone engaged and wanting to come back every day to see what was going to happen next. As a district, we should allow our teachers to be exceptional, which will cascade to our children to expect nothing less than exceptional from themselves. 

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